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Nitrogen fertilizers are applied in cover to complete the nutritional requirements of crops in times of maximum need, key to development.

The choice of the type of fertilizer and the dosage depends on: The needs of crops, intense and punctual, in nutritious elements that are not easily retained in the soil.

The nutrients they contain: nitrogen supplementing with sulfur, magnesium, calcium and even micronutrients.

The chemical forms in which nutrients are found.

The characteristics of the soil and climatology.

Cultural practices and, especially, irrigation systems.

Harvest expectations.​

UREA 46-0-0

Basic Data


Trade name: UREA

Equivalent Grade: 46-0-0

Category: Fertilizer

Family: Nitrogen

Presentation: Granulated solid in bags




Urea is the most popular fertilizer.


It is the granulated solid with the highest concentration of nitrogen (N).


Nitrogen is essential in the plant.


It is part of every living cell. Plants require large amounts of N to grow normally.


It is necessary for the synthesis of chlorophyll and as part of the chlorophyll molecule, it is involved in the process of photosynthesis.


It is a component of vitamins and plant energy systems.


And it is also an essential component of amino acids; Therefore nitrogen is directly responsible for the increase of proteins in plants, being directly related to the number of leaves, shoots, stems, etc.


In cereals, nitrogen is decisive in the amount of protein in grains.


Technical Data UREA 46-0-0





Nitrogen Content


Moisture Content (H20)

Biuret Content


Free Ammonia

CI Content

Na Content

Pb Content

Cd Content

AS Content

Cr Content

Hg Content

Crushing Strength



Bulk Density



Nitrogen Fertilizer

Granular Urea Agricultural Grade

46 wt % minimum


0.50 wt % Maximum

1.00 wt % Maximum

0.55 wt % Maximum

100 ppm wt % Maximum

does not exceed 1.5%

not more than 2%

not more than 100 mg/kg

not more than 20 mg/kg

not more than 10 mg/kg

not more than 200 mg/kg

not more than 0.2 mg/kg

on 3.15 mm fraction of granules 3.0 kg min

50 *C max

760 to 800 kg/m?

Size 2 - 4 mm 90 wt % min

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