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High quality potassium to cover any need and improve the yield and health of the crop.


Simple potassium fertilizers


Potassium is considered a quality factor. It intervenes by improving photosynthetic activity and increasing the plant's resistance to drought and frost. Ensures the lignin content, favoring the rigidity and structure of the plants.


Potassium fertilization is also very important to increase the efficiency of nitrogenous fertilization.


Potassium deficiency increases the plant's vulnerability to pathogens and causes growth retardation. The deficiencies can be detected in the reserve organs and, if they are very pronounced, spots appear on the leaves.


The application of potassium is therefore essential in all crops, but especially in vegetables, olive groves and vines. It improves the color, the appearance in general, the sugar content and the quality of the fruits, as well as the fat yield in the case of olive groves and avocados.

KCL - Potassium Chloride

Basic data




Equivalent Degree:


Category: Fertilizer Family:

simple potash


Solid granules in bags




The K.C.L is potassium chloride, it is a fertilizer for application to the soil appropriate for the preparation of mixtures in its granular form and in the production of chemical NPK in its standard form. Its application depends on the needs of the crop and the stage of its development.


Potassium fertilizer widely used in crops that are demanding in potassium and/or in soils deficient in the element.


It is also suitable for the preparation of mixtures. Contraindicated use for tobacco cultivation and for those sensitive to chlorine. Not recommended for applications in saline soils with excess chlorides.



Potassium Chloride 99.6% - 99.8%


Sodium Chloride 0.2% - 0.4%


Solid physical state


Size/ Appearance 3 – 25mm Granules


White color


odor odorless


pH 7


Melting Point 771 – 773°C (1420 – 1423°F)


Boiling Point 1420 - 1500° C (2588 - 2732°F)


Autoignition temperature Non-flammable


Flammable Not flammable


Density 2g/cc


Solubility Water 347 g/l (at 20° C)


Basic data




Equivalent Degree:


Category: Fertilizer Family:

simple potash


Solid granules in bags




MOP is the world's most popular source of potassium, an essential nutrient for the production of sugars and proteins in plants. Potassium improves yield, harvest quality, and has a fundamental role in disease resistance. In addition to potassium, MOP also contains chlorine, which is an essential micronutrient for growth and completion of the life cycle of crops. EuroChem offers MOP in standard and granulated forms.


Granulated MOP is specially designed for agricultural use, since it has a uniform granulometry that prevents caking and allows optimal distribution in the field.


It is recommended for the cultivation of cereals, corn, vegetables and woody crops.




Appearance Pink to rust colored granules


Potassium Chloride (KCL) 95% min


In terms of KO2 60% min


In terms of K 50.20%


Sodium Chloride (NaCI) 2.90%


In terms of Na 1.10%


Magnesium (MG) 0.01%


Calcium (Ca) 0.16%


Insoluble in Water 0.50%


Humidity 0.5% max.


Size Guide Number (SGN) 288


Uniformity Index (UI) 53


Bulk density 1000 – 1062 Kg/m3


Angle of repose 27° C - 36° C



Granulometric Composition


Tyler Standart mesh. Typical. Range


+5+4 2.2% 5% max


-9-2 3.1% 10% max


-16-1 0.3% 2% max


-32-0.5 0.2% 0.5% max

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