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R-shield is a stylish neck gaiter with nanofiber membrane

R-shield is the first antiviral neck gaiter of its kind. 


Its unique technology will benefit your health and make your style stand out. Its special RESPILON® nanofiber membrane which is sewed in the area that covers the wearer’s nose and mouth blocks out 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. 


With outstanding flexibility, it provides great breathability, elasticity, moisture wicking and mildewproof performance.

  • An integrated nanofiber membrane from RESPILON® which is sewed in the area that covers the wearer’s nose and mouth blocks out 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Dust, smog or allergens – none of these can penetrate through the membrane.

  • R-shield is made of flexible material which provides outstanding flexibility and elasticity; it serves as a stylish and yet functional fashion accessory.

  • The special fitted tubular design, embedded nose clip and an adjustable clip on the back of the neck gaiter ensure no pressure points and no headaches.

  • R-shield fits every face type, it is washable and needs no change of external filters.


The R-shield neck gaiter can be used to ward off*

  • dust

  • mold

  • smog

  • pollen

  • viruses

  • bacteria

  • and mites


*None of these can penetrate through the pores in the nanofiber membrane which is sewn in the area that covers your face.

R-shield is ideal for

  • daily commute by public transport

  • airplanes

  • crowded places during the flu season

  • hay fever

  • smoggy environments

  • places with airborne allergens



How does R-shield work?

RESPILON® filtration membrane, which is sewed in the area that covers the wearer’s nose and mouth, is a part of each antiviral scarf. 


This membrane is an extremely dense network of strong nanofibers. 


The combination of these features can stop even the smallest airborne solid and liquid particles. 


What’s more, it works in both directions. 

How to choose the right size of R-shield?

No more need to measure your head to choose the right size! 


Thanks to the adjustable clip on the back of the R-shield, you can adjust it anytime to always keep a perfect tight fit to achieve the best possible protection. 


The adjustable nose clip also makes sure that the inhaled air goes through the nanofiber membrane.

How to take care of your antiviral scarf

  1. Wash the antiviral scarf separately. Machine wash your neck gaiter at 30 °C (86 °F) on a “hand wash” setting with washing powder only.  
    Enough water will wash away residues of viruses.

  2. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach, or any aggressive detergents.

  3. Do not spin-dry / do not scrub.

  4. Do not dry in a dryer.

  5. Hang the neck gaiter to dry for 12-24 hours.


Do not sterilize the R-shield with ozone or a UV lamp, do not microwave, do not iron / do not steam or expose to high temperatures. 

The above-mentioned practices may permanently damage the nanofilter and lower its efficiency. 

Warning: This product is not recommended for ages below 2.5 years. Please, use under parental supervision only. 


Keep away from fire.

Case for R-shield 

R-shield nanofiber neck gaiter protects you from viruses, bacteria, smog, dust, and allergens. 

So why not protect it in return? The case for R-shield will keep your nanofiber neck gaiter perfectly clean when you are not wearing it.

Certificates of our products 

Additional parameters











Dimensions of R-shield:

255 mm x 340 mm (w x h)


Dimensions of nanofiber membrane:

220 mm x 140 mm (w x h)


Composition of R-shield:

84% polyester, 16% elastane


Composition of nanofiber membrane:

99.99% polypropylene, 0.01% PVDF

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