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Self-sterilizing FFP2 nano respirator VK RespiRaptor  

VK RespiRaptor is a self-sterilizing nanofiber respirator which offers continuous and fast deactivation of viruses. It provides long-term and repetitive protection for every user.

The nanofiber respirator VK RespiRaptor is an FFP2 NR respirator which protects the user from the impact of harmful pathogens from the user’s surroundings. It is fully certified in accordance with the standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009.

  • A nanofiber membrane which captures viruses. It also captures bacteria, smog, dust, pollen, allergens, mold, and other pathogens.

  • Accelerated copper in the inner and outer layer of the respirator effectively deactivates viruses from both the user and their surroundings. 

  • No maintenance is needed thanks to the self-sterilizing technology.

  • Eliminates the risk of cross-contamination (contaminating the respirator or infecting yourself with the virus by touching or manipulating the respirator).

  • VK RespiRaptor is an eco-friendly and economical choice. Eco-friendly because you can wear the respirator repeatedly, and economical because you get one hour of adequate protection for app. $0.29/€0.24.

  • Assuming that you wear the respirator for 5-6 hours a day, it will last up to 1 week.

  • An anatomical shape and a nose clip ensure a perfect face-fit, therefore no air seeps in around the mask from undesirable places.

  • The nanofiber respirator is light and breathable, which makes it easy to breathe and speak through.

  • High comfort is ensured by ear loops which are highly elastic, which is why they do not apply pressure behind or cut into your ears.

  • If needed, to achieve the best face-fit of the respirator, the ear loops can be hooked together at the back of your head with a plastic buckle that comes with the product.

  • You almost won’t feel the respirator on your face since it weighs less than size A4 paper (only 4.4 g).

  • Manufactured in Brno, Czech Republic.


How does VK RespiRaptor work?

The VK RespiRaptor respirator works on the double-barrier principle where viruses are captured by a nanofiber membrane and then actively and continuously killed by accelerated copper. Thanks to that, this respirator can be considered a self-sterilizing respirator and it makes it suitable for you to wear it repeatedly for up to one week without any other need of maintenance, or until the respirator shows the signs of mechanical damage.

The nanofiber membrane of the respirator consists of fibers which are up to a thousand times thinner than the human hair. These fibers block out even the smallest solid and liquid particles. Moreover, the membrane works in both directions, so it protects not only you, but also the people around you.

The filtration of viruses of the self-sterilizing nanofiber respirator VK RespiRaptor works on the mechanical principle, where the nanofiber membrane works as a sieve which lets the air in but blocks out harmful substances. In contrast to the usual respirator which works on the electrostatic principle, the filtration efficiency of a nanofiber respirator does not decrease due to higher humidity from the human breath.

What will the nano respirator protect you from?

  • viruses

  • bacteria

  • dust

  • mold spores

  • pollen

  • allergens

  • smog

  • exhaust fumes

  • mites


How long can I use one VK RespiRaptor nano respirator for?

Thanks to its self-sterilizing feature, VK RespiRaptor can be taken off and worn repeatedly as needed. No additional care is required.

Assuming that you use the respirator for 5-6 hours a day, it will last approximately one week. Our recommendation for the time of wear does not apply to the self-sterilizing feature of accelerated copper itself, which still works, but to the fact that repeated use makes the material of the respirator develop signs of wear and tear (the ear loops may become loose, the nose clip may also show signs of wear and tear, and more importantly, the face-fit or the adhesion of the mask may become less perfect; and we consider the perfect face-fit and flawless adhesion fundamental for proper protection of your respiratory system).

Is the “fish-type” shape right for me?

Because each face is different, both the shape and the size of a respirator must be chosen properly so that it fits well. In terms of respirator shapes you can either choose a “C-shape” (3D shape) or a “fish-type” (a fish-like shape).

The “C-shape” follows the lines of the profile of your face, or better to say, the lines of the letter C. The “fish-type” shape is suitable also for people with a beard or with glasses. Also those who need to speak for a long time with the respirator on will appreciate this shape. The shape ensures a perfect face-fit during the whole conversation.

Not sure which shape is best for you? We recommend trying both shapes of respirators to find out which shape and size fits you best.

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