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ACCURATE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS allows you to choose from a wide range of security and safety areas. Our customers, organizations, companies, public figures or private persons are treated anonymously at any time. The different services which we offer are listed below. Special security services are not listed because of security reasons.

We are happy to assist you with a personal customer discussion.

Private and VIP Services
Osobní strážce

ACCURATE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS brings together cross-industry expertise. To the contracting party desired, as far as possible. It may be advantageous to get different information before placing an order. All information is treated secretly. To create the best secure environment for the contractor. Without that the security service which is to be provided suffers as well as the everyday life of the contracting party.

ACCURATE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS account managers and security agents have years of experience in the security and safety field of foreign delegates and VIPs in politics and public life. By doing so, we are able to provide knowledge in planning and security for senior domestic and foreign dignitaries, heads of state, business leaders, media representatives and more. Working together with law enforcement agencies or the military authorities of the respective countries in which we can be active completes these.

Event Security

If you are an organizer or exhibitor of a major event, such as music, sports, fairs, exhibitions, etc. We from ACCURATE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS can offer an effective security and safety program. With whom you are safe and feel safe. We support you with the utmost care so that you do not have to face the security challenges on your own. The account managers, who assist you, have decades of experience in event security. The creation includes security planning, security technology, crisis management, disaster recovery, training and system testing. Within this field the following elements are treated:

• Survey averages - risk analysis and vulnerability


• Checking the existing safety technology

• Development concept

• Planning of security systems and equipment

• Checking the systems

• Integrate additional necessary safety technology

• Creation of security procedures, protocols and


• Training of folders and all employees of the event in

   support of safety

• To counter threats

• Simulations with the organizer and the event staff so

  that they can respond effectively in an emergency


Infrastructure Security
Security Surveillance

The focus of real estate owners and their legal representatives is to protect their properties as best as possible from the influence of other persons. In collaboration with them, we should be able to minimize the risks to insignificant risk.

We at ACCURATE TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS can rely on an international team of account managers with decades of experience. All available technical means of today and tomorrow can be implemented after classification of the risk situation, to create effective security plans and contingency plans. Following the classification of their property, a comprehensive security plan including business continuity will be presented. In order to achieve the safety objectives which are to be achieved, in accordance with the structural specification. After completion of the classification result, your property, then exact security and safety plans can be realized, to ensure maximum revaluation of your property in security area.

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